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RV and Tent Camping In Cedar Lake, Indiana

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East end of Cedar Lake, looking west. Photo by By Dennisyerger84
at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link.

Cedar Lake is located about 126 miles northwest of downtown Indianapolis, and about 13 miles south of Hammond. The population of Cedar Lake in 2010 was
11, 560 people.

Cedar Lake was, at one time, a popular resort area for those living in Chicago as a means to get away from the urban setting. There were over 50 hotels and several ballrooms for bands to entertain the visitors. More information about Cedar Lake can be found at Wikipedia by CLICKING HERE.

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Camping Links In Cedar Lake

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Cedar Lake Ministries RV Park


CLICK THE MAP IMAGE above for the location of Cedar Lake Ministries RV Park, campground photos and Google reviews. Average Google review rating was 4.3 out of 5 as of 06/30/20.

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Forecast In Cedar Lake.


Other campgrounds within 41 miles of…..
Cedar Lake Ministries RV Park…..CLICK HERE


Nearby Eats & Other Fixin’s
Bugaboo Bar And Grill
Goodfella’s Bar & Grill
Lighthouse Restaurant
Sandbar Grill
Cedar Lake Kitchen
Nearby Attractions
Crown Point Family Fun Center
Lemon Lake County Park
The Shrine of Christ’s Passion
Zig-E’s Funland
Oak Knoll Golf Club

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