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Enjoy Working From the Comfort of Your RV or Home! – 2

The Lowdown on the Training

If you want to spend tens of thousands of dollars to excel in computer programming, go for it. The training at Wealthy Affiliate is not about computer programming. It is about learning basic and advanced skills in the art of website design.

If you can follow a recipe to make a scrumptious bowl of chili, or a mouth-watering cherry pie, then you can master the art of website design on the WordPress platform.

There are literally hundreds of training courses and tips, many from the community of members, and many from the gurus at Wealthy Affiliate. In addition, there are numerous videos that can be viewed over and over to suit your time schedules.

I personally have never taken a college course in website design. Most of my skills were learned at Wealthy Affiliate. I took those skills and put together my efforts to create RVs and Tents.

How Can A Passion or Hobby Translate to A Successful Online Business?

Let me provide a few examples below:

  • A young lady provides information, ideas, and tips about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. She offers an array of products on her website relating to health…blenders, yoga mats, weighted vests, vitamin supplements, running and walking shoes, etc.
  • Another lady and her husband opted for living on the road…RV style. Her website offers a blog for camping and living the RV life, RV tips on and off the road, a huge selection of popular RV products, and links to their favorite campgrounds discovered in their travels.
  • An avid angler makes hand-made fishing flies. His products, shown on his cleverly designed website, sell from his site as well as on Amazon. In addition, he offers a variety of additional products related to the fun and enjoyment of fishing.
  • A young mother, along with the help of her grandmother, design and make clothing for toddlers up to pre-school age. The products are offered for sale on her website as well as on Amazon and other outlets.

Perhaps the Best and Most Complete Program of it’s Kind Offered on the Internet!

I mentioned earlier that the program can be free for those in the very early learning stage. No need for a credit card for the Starter option. You simply fill out a short form with your name, a valid email address, a username and a password.

Take your time to explore the Wealthy Affiliate program. If you decide this is for you, a Premium option is available.

Take it from me………….I have explored many other “programs” of this type and there are none to match it in my opinion. And for the Premium option, I will recover that monthly cost and much more in due time.

Here is to your passion and your future success!

RVsRock…………at RVs and Tents.

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